These days we have just made big improvements on our network and we have better peering with all Europe and USA.
All servers have a better dedicated bandwidth and a better internal connection!

Just a few speedtest made from a server with 4GB RAM which costs only $19.99 -> (the cheapest server we provide).
Please note that the tests were made at a rush hour when all lines are very required:

Speedtest #1:
Speedtest 1way hosting

Speedtest #2:
Speedtest 1WAY Hosting

Speedtest #3:
1WAY Hosting Speedtest

We have a guaranteed 200Mbps bandwidth for this server anytime to any location.

If you decide to give us a try, you may want to know that:
  • this is the lowest guaranteed bandwidth for the cheapest server;
  • we can provide up to 1Gbps guaranteed bandwidth for a high performance server;
  • we do not count any traffic; this mean that you can transfer non-stop with that guaranteed bandwidth;
  • all servers have great redundant bandwidth depending how much our network is required as you can see above;

Soon we will provide a dedicated server for you to test the file transfer from any world location!

 Monday, June 13, 2016

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