How to Choose a Reliable Reseller Web Hosting Provider

What is a hosting reseller?

The name is very suggestive: you sell web hosting from another provider. You don't have to own any hosting infrastructure, you simply sell Web Hosting and VPS Hosting from another provider. It will provide you a management panel where you can manage your own clients with custom limits. All you have to do is to get clients and eventually offer support to them. The provider should give you a dedicated account manager and a control panel where you can manage your clients (add, suspend, delete and many more).

Please note that there may be limits for you such as clients limit and resources limit depending by reseller plan you buy. Anyway, all you have to know here is that you are going to sell hosting services provided by another hosting provider. Simply you don't touch any hardware components and you don't even have to know advanced software knowledges as you will see below.

Why using reseller hosting?

If you have good marketing knowledge on online sector and you are passionated by web hosting and related services you should start planing your business right away. The main advantage of reselling hosting is that you don't have to own advanced knowledges related to web servers & networking management. The reseller usualy give you an interface and API access to manage your clients. In other words, with few click you add clients and they are ready to host websites.

Kinds of reseller hosting plans?

There are few standard kinds of reseller hosting plans, I mention few of them below:

  1. Shared Web Hosting Reseller - This mean that your can resell web hosting services for websites together with other resellers on the same physical serer (with or without a VPS); In other words you share resources of a server with many other clients and usually it is very restrictive and have the lowest performances as there could be hundred of websites hosted on the same server;
  2. Dedicated Web Hosting Reseller(recommended) - In this case you have a whole physical server dedicated only for your business. This way you make sure that you will get the best performances and the only limit there is network speed and server resources; basically you can add unlimited clients, databases, emails and all the stuff until you fulfill all resources. Please note that this may be a little bit more expensive but it is fully customizable as you can do everything you want with your server; the performances are the highest;
  3. VPS Hosting Reseller - Yes, you can even resell Virtual Private Servers (VPS). In this case you have to integrate the API within your website else you may have to manually allocate VPS servers to your clients;
  4. Affiliate Programs - If all the work with the promo website is too complicated, you can affiliate to a hosting provider and get a procentage from every sales; be sure to choose a hosting provider which gives you a lifetime procentage from all sales from your directed clients;

How to choose reliable reseller hosting provider?

Please check the facilities above a reseller hosting provider MUST provide to you:
  • 99% Uptime - Even if all providers display 99% uptime proeminently you have to pay attention to this and ask other clients about the provider you just find;
  • 24/7 Support - The technical support is very important as there is your business on game, you may ask others as above and test yourself the support team periodically to see how fast and helpful they are;
  • Bandwidth -  you have to know your guaranteed bandwidth anytime; this way you can make sure that your clients websites load fast anytime;
  • Scalability - Do ther offer possibility to add resources or upgrade to a highter plan? This is very usefull when your business grow up;
  • DDOS Protection - A minimum DDOS protection would be a plus;
  • A good control panel such as cPanel or Plesk;
The following facilities are not decisive, but would be a plus if are provided to you:
  • SSD Storage;
  • Multiple IP Addresses & Upgradable Network;
  • Website builder for your clients (this could be an attractive offer);
  • DNS Support;

Additional tips:

Please note that there would be a plus if the reseller you want to start with provide domains for reselling. This is a usefully facility if you want to provide packets with Hosting + Domains to your clients.

It is also recommended to check closely the provider by looking on a WhoIS database for provider domain and what other users says about your provider.

It is also recommended to check the country where the servers are and the datacenter level of your provider. You may not want to sell hosting from Asia to users from USA and servers hosted on garages;

Final notes:
Most Reseller Hosting providers have the plans only on shared machines and they don't provide you a dedicated server configured just for you and your clients. The hosting on a machine dedicated just for you will guarantee best performances and fastest pages loading as that machine can't be oversold to other users. The bandwidth on that mahine is also dedicated to you only.

If you want to find a custom sulution on a dedicated server for your business you may check there few dedicated reseller hosting plans: Reseller Web Hosting

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